Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting Services

We know that not every business is the same, and that one enterprise may need customized accounting and bookkeeping reports and needs. We are flexible and have the manpower to take on any project.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

All businesses are unique as well as their financials, when you have strong financial analysis new opportunities are shown in management, planning and decision making. A robust financial planning show you the numbers to drive into the right direction and we also provide you with prospective analysis where all the scenarios are taken into consideration, that way you will be able to make the decisions that keeps your business in the prosperity path.

Financial Statements

A key part for better decision making are Financial Statements. this tool represent your business to lenders, potential buyers, partners and all the interested parties. We take it into a personal level where we work in partnership with your key personnel in order to create and conclude with accurate and punctual financial statements.

Our tax resolutions services help clients resolve critical tax debts such as payroll garnishments, individual income tax, business income tax, employer payroll taxes, liens, and bank levies with the IRS and state tax authorities by providing an affordable payment solution with the government on behalf of our clients.

Management Advisor

We focus on improving your business efficiency with our Management Advisory Services, as we provide you support with your business planning, acquisitions, merges and every type of advisory support.

Notary Public

We can handle all the business matters related to a notary public, such as witnessing and authentication of document execution and signatures, covering all the services they offer.

Retirement Planning

Developing a retirement plan for your employees or yourself is critical, that's why we can help you to evaluate the best available option depending on your financial situation. Now, the same situation comes with your business, we will study all your business characteristics and employees, in order to provide you with the best recommendation based on the legal and compliance issues for each plan.